What I've read in 2022

I promised the list of books I've read in 2022 so here we are. If you'd want to dig into them, I've made such a list for 2021, 2020 and 2019. Interestingly, and while I stand behind a '2 books a month pace is kinda perfect for me' I kept reading slightly more books year after year: 21 in 2019, 26 in 2020, 28 in 2021 and 30 in 2022. We'll see what'll happen this year, I've read 25 books so far.

I love magazines

As far as I remember, I always loved magazines. I read them methodically from the first cover to the very end. And I read everything that's been written; readers letters sections included. I grew up in the 90s so back then, magazines were really THE medium to follow your passion, and dig even deeper into it. TV - at least in France - was way too mainstream.


I'm sad. We got some tear gaz downstairs yesterday because the police was breaking up a local rally. I've seen/ heard/ read [on- & offline] things I couldn't have imagined possible. My only consolation prize is to know that my great-grand-ma [named Tiszelman; born in Poland and who ran away during the 30's to come to France] isn't here anymore to (re-)experience such darkness.

Lonely Writers Club

'I never considered myself a writer.' This is how Austin introduced their latest Public Record on Metalabel: Lonely Writers Club. Of course that resonated. I never considered myself a writer neither. And even though for Austin, everything apparently changed from 2019 onwards, I still don't consider one myself. That being said written, I did notice (and experience) the power of writing myself. And I did try a few times in the past to grow that side of me.

Virtue signalling and disappointment

I've heard 'virtue signalling' a few times in the past few years - mostly on twitter actually - and while I understood the concept and critics pointed out behind it I also felt pretty distant. Like a 'oh here's something between some activists and companies'. And then recently I realised (a) that behavior is present all around me way more than anticipated/ thought at first (b) it affects me and my mood pretty often. Let's unpack this.

The incredibe story of Airbnb, and the cockroaches

I've been on Airbnb for more than a decade now. I just checked out, my profile is 11 years old, and I received my first review from a host in June 2013. I remember that stay vividly. Back then I was living in Singapore, and this was my first trip to Jakarta, Indonesia. As far as I remember, I've always been a fan of Airbnb. As a guest obviously; but later on as a host as well; and in between as a fellow entrepreneur.