Assorted links from week24, 2024

🏛 Great article on The Hacking of Culture and the Creation of Socio-Technical Debt.

Like any well-designed operating system, culture is invisible to most people most of the time. Hidden in plain sight, we make use of it constantly without realizing it. As an operating system, culture forms the base infrastructure layer of societal interaction, facilitating communication, cooperation, and interrelations. Always evolving, culture is elastic: we build on it, remix it, and even break it.

That line made me think of New_ Public work and what they study/ fight for:

As more and more spaces for meeting in real life close, we increasingly turn to digital platforms for connection to replace them. But these virtual spaces are optimized for shareholder returns, not public good.

John Fullmer, Yzy Gap Psyop Red Round Jacket, 2023. Courtesy of the artist.

🗺 I can see myself in Patricia's words — I know this feeling so much. We’ve moved 18 times in 15 years across 4 continents -Mathilde even made a map here- and still, I never -ever- saw myself as a nomad -and i’m still fighting this label.

I love how Patricia articulated this feeling so beautifully -and i also love this 'intermezzo' word 🫶 Another Intermezzo Place.

🧢 Wonderful post on seriousness by Adam — you might want to be ‘serious’ then. Surely you can be serious.

👖 And talking about seriousness: “chances are if you get really into any niche subject, you’ll likely end up going down a rabbit hole that leads to Japan.” An appreciation of Japanese culture and its impact on design and business.

Of everything there is to appreciate, these are seven things we’ve learnt from the history and habits of a humble island nation: detail obsessed; think long-term; stay focused; don’t make for the mainstream; there are many ways to grow; never stop learning; create your own style.

🐁 I don’t expect to highlight a Ted's post every week but that one was very good. I wasn’t aware of ‘Universe 25’ but that real-life experiment of ‘utopia of peace and love’ is definitely a must-read. Is Silicon Valley Building Universe 25?