Assorted links from week25, 2024

📝 I’ve been touched by Rob's ode to manifestos in Manifestos are magic spells. I can’t agree more with this typically:

The process of writing a manifesto, at its core, is the process of clarifying your desire. In a world that's constantly distracting us with digital noise and shiny objects, keeping us running on a mimetic treadmill of manufactured desires, getting clear about what you want, deep down, is a radical act. Exploring and articulating what matters most, then committing it to writing, is a bit like waking up to your own humanity after a deep slumber. It kicks off a journey of coming home to yourself.

Which is exactly why we wrote ours at Objet: "LE NEW CONSUMER".

🪩 My close friend Apache just published his latest mix. Recorded live at Unkommon - Jungle Island, Miami - May 2024

💃 We’ve been on a Francois Civil spree lately. The last 2 movies we’ve watched were also both directed by Cedric Klapisch. I recommend them both: En Corps (Rise) and Deux Moi (Someone, Somewhere).