Assorted links from week26, 2024

🤰 This testimonial by Daniel is a must read: Looking for the Anti-Mimetic Doctors. The subtitle says it all: “Rethinking Medical Interventions, and the Courage to Do Less”. On many aspects, it reminded me Mathilde's experience -and I know she might share it all soon on A Wander Woman.

As doctors, we know full well that tracking the baby’s heart rate during labor has increased interventions but has not improved outcomes. In simpler terms, tracking the baby’s heart rate during labor has gotten more women induced or sliced open, but has not decreased stillbirths or postpartum deaths. Then why do we do it? Because it’s scary not to, that’s why. And I speak from experience.

“The Doctor”, by Sir Samuel Luke Fildes

🖼 Since I recently finished Kyle's 'Filterworld' - it was interesting to read another nuance on curation by Matt: Beware the Curators.

Anyone who thinks purely honest recommendations and unfiltered publicized opinion is possible — today, or moving forward — is naive to the dynamics and pressures of social living, now amplified by global reach online.

🌁 I’m leaving for San Francisco tomorrow. So that one from Om made me really happy. This is exactly why we’re moving. AI Poetry Camera? Seriously?

This little encounter between three disparate people, who would never meet otherwise, explains the uniqueness of the Bay Area.

The serendipity is what makes my now hometown so special. In San Francisco, technologies, new ideas, and people collide randomly in the oddest of places, at the oddest of times.

⛪️ What will we do in San Francisco? Launch a community of course -and enjoy a 'denim soirée' [if curious, check Objet out]- which made Elise's post quite special: A Community or a Club?

But Haidt also spends a fair amount of the book exploring a comprehensive moral matrix (fascinating) along with the need for the divine—or specifically, a need to belong to something bigger than ourselves, balanced by a hunger for awe. He spends a fair number of pages exploring (and gently denouncing) the New Atheist movement for (willfully) misunderstanding the role of religion in peoples’ lives—he points out that people are motivated to show up for each other not because of shared beliefs but because of belonging. Absent something to belong to, we are adrift.

🎾 Last but not least, if you haven’t watch it yet, there definitely are gems in this Roger’s speech. What a champion!