Assorted links from week27, 2024

🪡 The first name of my very first company -back in 2010- was ‘My Tailor is My Friend’ so this new section by Mathilde on The Objet Journal feels quite special. Clara Metayer is a Parisian tailor, founder of Sauve qui Peut and tailor-in-residence at Patine.

Over time, I realised that I didn’t want to sell new products. We already have so much. How about keeping those we have and love? This opened a brand new world! Mending is made of so many techniques. For one given challenge, there are a thousands solutions: visible -embroidery, patches,…-, invisible - darning, or the art of recreating fabric literally, be it jeans or wool stitches,…

Anni and Josef Albers at the Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris

📖 Coming from skateboarding myself and being in love with zines for as long as i remember -i love magazines- I enjoyed this ‘scholarly look at zine culture’s impact on skateboarding’ via an interview of both the curators of the Copy Machine Manifesto’s: Artists Who Make Zines exhibit.

🏜 I always enjoy Daniel's interviews. You can tell he’s driven by a genuine curiosity. His last took me completely off-guard. I do have a thing for the adventures, the road-less-traveled kinda stories and so on. Jan Chipchase definitely has something: the globetrotting designer on the 12 stages of life, leading expeditions in Afghanistan, the rise of cuneiform & AI, Kickstarting books, and being self-sufficient.

🛋 That one from Annika made me reflect on 'home' and what would be the 'right balance of clutter to me' -- some things resonated. As usual I already know that the hardest part of it all is finding one’s own balance. ‘Balance’ is also changing over time. And since we tend to crave something and its opposite -like home and adventure at the same time anyone? 🙌- it makes the whole thing… quite fun let’s say. Art isn't allowed to take up space anymore.