I love magazines

As far as I remember, I always loved magazines. I read them methodically from the first cover to the very end. And I read everything that's been written; readers letters sections included. I grew up in the 90s so back then, magazines were really THE medium to follow your passion, and dig even deeper into it. TV - at least in France - was way too mainstream.

Throughout my teenager years I really immersed myself in 2 communities: video games and skateboarding. Both had a decent amount of titles to offer. On the skateboarding side: Thrasher and Transworld were the US titles; Sugar our french one; with Kingpin from the UK sometimes available as well. On the video games side there were plenty - including the official ones focus on a specific video game system - and the biggest one for a while [or at least, the one I read the most] was Consoles+ - issue #1 was published in July 1991 and the last one in December 2012.

Consoles+ was my very first job experience too. In France back then, you had to go through a 1-week internship when you're around 14 years-old. It's called a discovery internship, the idea being to immerse young folks in a company environment to help them understand more what the corporate world looks like and choose what to study next accordingly. I was living in Lyon but because my grand-parents were in Paris I sent cover letters to every video game titles possible. And Consoles+ replied. I went to the interview in their HQ with my grand-ma. For some reasons I still don't really grasp, they accepted me. And I can tell you: this was one of my most amazing week ever. I spent every day of the week next to one specific 'department': design, sales, distribution, and the best of all for a teenager like me: testing and writing about the games themselves. What they called the 'dark room' was truly a dream come true. All the consoles everywhere, all the games that haven't been launched yet. A paradise.

I remember following that week, back to school, when our teachers asked us what we wanted to do in our lives, I proudly answered: video games tester. Most of them laughed at me. My mother was scared. Something I didn't realise back then was: the writing part. I wouldn't consider myself a writer in anyway but I wondered if my love for writing started through these magazines, and that week in particular.

Video games magazines made me happy like I was owning all these consoles; and playing with all these games. Skateboarding magazines made me high like I was skating at that level and with this attidude. More importantly: they made me travel. To every country possible around the world. I know they've played a huge role in my desire to travel extensively further down the road.

It's funny how I can analyze few of my interests across life through the magazines I've read. Like when I was a student, I also worked at the Cartier store in the Champs-Elysees during my weekends so I spent a lot of time in trains [TGV in France] between Lille, Paris and then Reims [where my girlfriend was living] and that's when I read Monocle, GQ and a bunch of music related titles. Then during my 20s I read - and even subscribed to - Philosophie Magazine. Which is still to this day one of the title I love to read on a regular basis.

I've discovered Magazine B lately. The picture below is from one my current favorite coffee place in Paris: Bonjour Jacob. I highly recommend. Their tagline sounds like poetry to me: Coffee | Magazine | Vinyl. Their magazine collection is top notch.

Magazine B is my newest obsession. I've introduced it to a few friends already and they all fell in love. Gilles is reading their Barbour issue; which makes sense considering where his longest serving jacket is coming from. I agree with Toby's feeling when he wrote about them:

As someone with an interest in exploring brands, an invaluable resource I have been learning much from is Magazine B. [...] Each issue studies a brand that the company considers to be “well-balanced”.

I agree with him again here: "[...] reading the actual magazines, which are beautifully designed and a pleasure to collect.".


Objet du jour

After the Creator Economy is the latest magazine I'm currently reading. "Will we still be asking people to like and subscribe in 10 years?" Partners co—matter - a research and strategy studio in Berlin - and Metalabel - based in NYC - explore in this publication constructive alternatives for the ways we produce, distribute, and monetize creative work online. Relationship recorded with Objet.