Happy Black Friday everybody!!

The following text was written by Mark on his FB page, a guy (a genius I should say right now) I really enjoy reading in general. And frankly I couldn't recommend you his blog enough.

It was funny for me to read the following this morning cause I experience today my first black friday in the US. I was astonished yesterday morning (on Thursday) when I noticed in front of the Best Buy near our offices at least a dozen of tents queuing (cause apparently the store opened at midnight)... well, nothing more to say.

Here is pure sarcasm like I love, enjoy:

This is just a friendly reminder to take today and give thanks to those who matter most in your life: the 40%-off Flat Screen TVs, the 2-in-1 Toaster Ovens and the buy-one-get-one-free deal on ultra-absorbent dish towels. Be grateful for all of the amazing deals and discounts our society has afforded us today. Give thanks for all of the annoying and repetitive Christmas decorations that have been up since September. For this is the day to take a moment to think back on all of the ways your mass-produced consumer products have blessed you this past year. Where would you be without them? 

And most important of all, remember: We are in this together! We are all brothers and sisters. We are fighting the same fight. All of us. Whether it’s standing outside Best Buy in the freezing cold at 4AM, or stealing another person’s shopping cart when their back is turned, or illegally parking in the handicap spaces at Wal-Mart. We are all in this together we should all look-out for each other. 

So take a moment today to look at that person next to you, even if they’re a complete stranger, and open up your heart to them. Love them. Cherish them. See yourself in them. Because they are you and you are them: one being. And all of this, this Black Friday, it is just God’s way of reminding us of that simple truth: that we’re no different from one another. We are all loved equally. Because we all receive the same discounts on electrical appliances as each other. 

So share some of that love and joy this Black Friday. Give somebody an unsolicited smile or a pat on the back. Tell them what a great life they must have to wake up at 3AM so they can buy a new blender. Show them your gratitude for what they’re going through -- if anything because their kids probably won’t. 

And then, when that person reaches for the last available XBox One, pause a moment and really think about what matters in life. Think about the spirit of giving and charity. Then once you’ve allowed yourself to feel grateful for this opportunity, punch that fucker in the face, because that shit is not easy to find on sale. And run like the wind so the security guards never catch you. 

Happy Holidays everybody!

From a point A to a point B - LA style

This weekend I went to Downtown LA and walked a lot (we even enjoyed a free tour; I recommend it's pretty cool, really architecture and history oriented).

Look at this pic for a minute. What do you see?

Yep I agree, first thing to notice is this great piece of street art from How and Nosm. I even must admit that it's really representative of the atmosphere of that neighborhood, at least part of it. And that's also why I love it.

But there is something else, super important too, to look at in this pic. Nobody is in the street! I mean no pedestrian. Yes I know it could only be a random fact in that context but actually I can ensure you that it's the case most of the time. We really walked all afternoon long, and a Saturday one, and we were surprised to be alone on the sidewalk 90% of the time.

On the contrary, some part of the streets were crowded. Then I've had this thought, this feeling (that my american friends confirmed): here people go to a specific point mostly by car. Let's call it The point A. They park the car and enjoy their time around. Then if they wanna go to The point B, they go back to the car, drive there, and park it again, and so on so forth. The funny thing is that sometimes, the point B is only few miles away or even less from the point A. And in this case, as an european person, you instantaneously think 'let's reach it by walking' but no, not here.

The side effect is that if you're walking around downtown you're gonna go through 'desert' spots. Cool ones tho, w/ a really special atmosphere in the air, but still, no one is around. That's a shame to me cause at the same time, this city, these streets, have so much to offer...