Assorted links from week9, 2024

💼 Hermės story is unique and Acquired did an awesome job to encapsulate it. Stewarded by one French family over six generations, Hermès sells the absolute pinnacle of the French luxury dream.

My own relationship with Hermès started very early since my mom’s best friend when I was young [from my 5 to 12 year old] was working in the atelier near Lyon, France where they were making silk scarves.

🗓 Since last week happens only 1 every 4 years I truly enjoyed diving into the history of the 29th, and other calendar quirks, with Etienne first. And then with Michael suggesting a tiny longer second to get rid of the leap year entirely: abolish leap year!

🤡 Happiness is such an interesting topic. It both seems too complex to grasp entirely and at the same time, it feels like everyone is just trying to optimize for it.

Over time, people tend to stay at about the same level of happiness, pretty much no matter what. This is extremely weird.

Adam delivers a great piece around “the furnace and the air conditioner” within our own control systems: you can't be too happy, literally.

👴 That quote always made me smile:

I gave the best advice when I was 21 but no one paid attention to me.

Now, I can say the dumbest things in the world and a fair number of people will think there’s some great hidden meaning to it or something.

- Warren Buffett

Franco is reminding the importance of patience, the virtue of slowing down. Can’t agree more. Giving advice.