Assorted links from week8, 2024

🚗 I almost cried reading this manifesto: the car will be unbundled. And - obviously - I can’t agree more with the conclusion.

This manifesto is a call to use our superpower to make moving better.

Better by getting there happier, healthier and more in harmony.

In harmony with our environment and with each other.

👕 I’ve followed Bobby for my time in LA more than a decade ago now. So reading him talking about the power of ‘enough’ made me truly, genuinely, happy. Because yes, this is something we hope to spread more with Objet too.

🗓 This is the article from the graph below: time use. And it made me reflect on how I personally spend my time; and how in sync’ my calendar is with what brings me joy.

Time is the ultimate limited resource. Every one of us has the same “time budget” – 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, giving a total of 8,760 hours – each year of our lives.

How do we spend our time? There are many commonalities across the world: we all sleep, work, eat, and enjoy leisure time. But there are also important differences in the freedom people have to spend time on the things they value most.

🕸 This is exactly why I’m happy to have bought my own domain name [a few of them to be honest] and keep paying for my own website; and sharing links: the subversive hyperlink.

Subvert the status quo. Own a website. Make and share links.

🌏 I do agree that “a bigger world is better for everyone”. So here are a few reasons why we, personally, should want a larger human population.

🕯 Ted followed up with his ‘dopamine culture’ article of the previous week. I do think that we - humans - need rituals. A few of his observations resonated: 13 observations on ritual.

👩‍🎨 I really liked Itay's points on the benefits of going niche; and how design could flourish [again] in that context: niche product design.

🌳 Even though I missed my own copy of the book [being away, less connected, and more importantly: taking my time before making any purchase didn’t help], I’m a huge fan and followed for quite a while the work of Metalabel. Their new model is truly exciting and I can’t wait to discover more: a new model for creative work.

Their first release through a different angle with Peter: the metalanguage of the Internet [to me, quite related to the 'hyperlink' post above].