Working like Jean-Michel

As far as I remember, I've always loved Jean-Michel Basquiat's work. Something from his world touched me deeply. The apparent chaos, the multiple layers of reading, the proliferation of messages, the raw material of the streets as his canvas -- all of these resonated deeply with me from a very young age. As a skateborder, all of this looked like my environment. I got his crown tattooed on my front arm. 

A Panel of Experts

I just watched this video about Jean-Michel's work ethic. The promise being: "5 rituals every artist should steal from Basquiat's creative process.". This is a good one.

If we replace the material itself -art- by another one like 'business' or 'company building', I found its message always true. Even the categories highlighted would still be the ones to maximise your chance of impact: material ressources x having a message x speed.

And of course -like always in life maybe- you have to welcome luck and randomness in the process. I'm stuck how often these two materialize through someone, a meeting, a match. I can easily imagine an alternative reality where there was no Andy and in this scenario, there might have been no Basquiat neither; definitely not at that level.

Needless to say, meeting Andy wouldn't have produced anything meaningful if Jean-Michel's creative process wasn't already 'mature' enough to move Andy's heart.

Act accordingly.