Logging nov. 29th, 2023


On my way from school to a coffee shop, I finished listening to this discussion with Yancey. I highly recommend it. They touched upon so many topics closed to heart. The overall thing questioning the idea of a 'long lasting cultural impact'.

Logging nov. 22nd, 2023


Someone shared in a family whatsapp group a graph on the college tuition fees evolution for the top 5 french business schools; commenting "fortunately you've already graduated". Apparently, these fees have been multiplied by 1.7 since 2011.

Logging nov. 21st, 2023


This morning while bringing the kids to school, I realised there were more bicycles than I first thought. Usually, when it rains and the temperature is cold, we're one of the very few on the road. But this morning was different. Not only were there more bikes than anticipated [which is great], I also noticed how well equipped for rain everyone was; with rain overpants, poncho and all. When you look at data around why people don't ride bikes, weather is one of the top [beyond security of course; and terrain]. So this morning was a great sign.