Logging nov. 21st, 2023


This morning while bringing the kids to school, I realised there were more bicycles than I first thought. Usually, when it rains and the temperature is cold, we're one of the very few on the road. But this morning was different. Not only were there more bikes than anticipated [which is great], I also noticed how well equipped for rain everyone was; with rain overpants, poncho and all. When you look at data around why people don't ride bikes, weather is one of the top [beyond security of course; and terrain]. So this morning was a great sign.


Repetition is tedious. The good life is friction. Embrace it.


We've been to Vichy, France for the first time last weekend. Some friends settled there a few months ago, it's only 2 hours away by train from Lyon. Kids were stoked. We were too. Vichy is small. It's known for its spas; and water [which I personally like]. They made a great job with their river banks; many playgrounds - incl. for kids - and overall a nice park to walk and breathe. Beyond this, I can't understand how bad we can colletively be to design such shitty streets. The city center is just a nightmare for kids, with literally car-spots on the sidewalks -- how is that even possible? There were some sections we couldn't even walk with a trolley since you got a car, then a little curb to enter a townhouse. It doesn't make any sense. No wonder the average age of people we bumped into across the whole weekend was... old. If you have some kids and hope for them to be active and autonomous, you'd move out of here.

Meanwhile, I discovered and played a little bit with this website today. It's fun. And refreshing. Add a touch of Dutch to your street. Create a happier and healthier street with our cycling lifestyle.


The future will be built by unlikely collaborators.

I love this statement. It comes from Luke's latest post: vibes are not enough. When I read this one:

It seems to me like many people are doubling-down on content creation; I believe we need to double-down on incarnational experiences that have the potential to generate newness.

It makes me think of something else I read lately about reaching truths. "The menu is not the meal". "All words are metaphor". We have to experience life; to live the thing; to make it. 'This is not a pipe' is such a genius artwork.

Again it makes me think about kids. Yep I can sense a general theme about this lately haha. Kids naturally look for experiencing the thing, whatever it is -- they don't lose themselves in the the 'talking about it'. I love this. I definitely think adults should behave more like kids [on many levels at least].


We're currently watching The Bear Season 2. Episode 4 is a masterpiece and apparently I'm not the only one to think that.

It made me want to visit Copenhagen. I've never been but met many people who told me I'll fall in love with the city for sure. I checked an itinerary on Komoot to go from Brussels to Copenhagen by bike with the kids. This might be awesome holidays during spring time.