Neon Noir Art

I just discovered Kate Hush today and... I'm in love with her work. That one above was like a slap in my face! Don't even know why... the bloody hands maybe... or the hair... the retro-bathroom Idk.

Check out that paragraph from Juxtapoz: "In an excerpt from her artist’s statement, she writes:
Triboluminescence is the creation of light through the breaking of bonds. This friction is what I capture in intricately thin silhouettes—bodies and scenery made of light. The men have suffered, and will suffer. The women are conniving and manipulative, naturally. Their tears are phony and their heels are high. I am bringing to light, literally, their wicked ways. I illustrate the moment when you realize you've followed her down the wrong road, right before the crash. You're going to call them all crazy bitches anyway, so why not light them that way?"


ps - skate video of the day below