Bike, bus and tram over cars

To stay on that urbanism theme and following yeserday's post Urban planning and the war on cars let's look briefly at Tallinn's example [Estonia's capital city - more about the city itself here - population being around half a million people].

I came across that article: Cars were a status symbole after the Soviets. Now bike, bus and tram are overtaking.

Public transport in Tallinn has been free since 2013; a political decision taken to help ease the cost-of-living for citizens.

Vladimir Svet - Deputy mayor, Tallinn City Government: “It's not a panacea [free public transport]. So you have to also think about developing the network. You have to think about the pedestrian infrastructure connected to the public transport infrastructure.”

So the mix at the end looks like a combination of:

  • free public transport
  • a better network, more effective, connected with walking routes
  • dramatically more space for bikes and pedestrians
  • a free and secure public bike parking system

Makes me want to pay them a visit.


Objet du jour

We're finally entering fall weather; which means rain a few times a week. If I want to bike all year long, overpants for rain is a must-have. Relationship recorded with Objet.