Assorted links from week21, 2024

💬 since I started tracking my screentime a long time ago, I know for a fact chat-based apps are taking more and more of my time. So when Sriram wrote about how group chats rule the world, I did agree with many of his thoughts.

Most of the interesting conversations in tech now happen in private group chats: Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal, small invite-only Discord groups. Being part of the right group chat can feel like having a peek at the kitchen of a restaurant but instead of food, messy ideas and gossip fly about in real time, get mixed, remixed, discarded, polished before they show up in a prepared fashion in public.

Salons and groups have always existed but why the recent shift to private discourse?

📚 I took the opportunity of my Paris trip to visit Bonjour Jacob [first time I’ve been to their St Germain location in the 6th] -awesome coffee meets great magazine selection- which is kinda paradise to me. I love magazines. So I bought a new MagazineB issue -about Tsutaya. Toby wrote something nice about them.

🌟 we finished watching 3 Body Problem and… wow! I truly enjoyed it. Like often, I do want to read the books now.