Assorted links from week7, 2024

♟ Because we might all be status-seeking monkey anyway [as suggested by Eugene in Status as a Service] and because “at the same time, taste games are supposed to be human nature.” This post is definitely a must-read: Taste Games.

⚜️ Found out this wonderful manifesto lately: a call for friction in digital culture.

With movement comes friction. The more we move and act, the more friction we encounter. The more friction there is, the more we engage and care. Friction drives our engagement. Friction, in this context, is neither synonymous with anger or conflict, nor is it malfunctioning technology. Friction is an essential ingredient that makes up our humanness and sparks human connection. Friction is thus a lively, intrinsic experience.

🧠 This is somehow related to the manifesto above. Wonderful piece on the rise of the dopamine culture. There is much to digest and think accordingly: The State of the Culture, 2024.

🤝 This could also be related to everything above. Rosie looks at the state of friendships once we enter 30s and beyond: The friendship problem. Citing someone else I very much appreciate and already shared here - Esther Perel:

We do not have the practice at the moment. Everything about predictive technologies is basically giving us a form of assisted living. You get it all served in uncomplicated, lack of friction, no obstacles and you no longer know how to deal with people. Because people are complex systems. Relationships, friendships are complex systems.

📻 The WITI Monday Media Diet treatment from the one and only in charge of the French radio station FIP [the best!].

🐌 I both like the idea of staying a few months somewhere [instead of a few days; weeks at best] and a place where kids are truly taken into account: Adriatic island summer camp.

🎙 Acquired might be one of the best podcast ever — at least if you enjoy discovering the stories of some epic companies. So it was quite cool to get some proper ‘behind the scenes’ with this interview of one of the founders:

🎯 I enjoyed reading the book Essentialism: the disciplined pursuit of less — so it was cool to listen to the author: Greg McKeown.