Assorted links from week6, 2024

🆕🛒 That one feels very special to me. Alongside my partners in crime Max and Mathilde we published LE NEW CONSUMER” manifesto. With Objet we are working on a joyful system that will enhance and reward new consumers’ behaviours and actions, online and offline. This mission is thrilling. And huge. We won’t do this alone.

It’d mean the world to me if you’re signing this manifesto [if it resonates of course]. CO-SIGN.

🤯 I remember finding Arrival very good as well. That whole piece from Kyle about ambition and zero-sum game really touched me. I agree that the post ‘most people won’t’ is really powerful too. And I think this whole post particularly resonated with the father in me. We recently took the decision with my partner to move countries because the environment we are now does a too bad job about ‘ambition’ and we’d like our kids to be surrounded by different approaches.

📖✍️💰I did found this conversation with Chris very insightful, and accessible. I already forwarded it to a few people around me. I appreciated the lens of crypto as an evolution of the internet.