Assorted links from week4, 2024

I decided lately to bookmark the best pieces of content I was coming across. You can find everything in this collection on Sublime.

🎶 Yancey talks about Pitchfork, music criticism, and culture after prestige in The prestige recession.

Instead, art and culture have been safely neutralized as interchangeable commercial objects just like everything else. […]

At its best, cultural criticism is love and art that exists to give love to other expressions of art. It’s beautiful in its indulgence. A positive feedback loop that gives everybody exactly what they desire. Gods, scribes, muses, an audience, a culmination. This is what we want out of art. Something that feels grand, meaningful, connected to the ages. That doesn’t happen on its own. It needs context, dedicated space, deeper knowledge, appreciation.

🪵 Latest Sari's words resonate. I feel this too: make something to learn more about what's inside you.

I know I’m being my “best self” when I’m making something.

👾 That one might go to the ‘imagination is our only limit’ category. Henrik looks at the recent progress of Go players.

After a few years, the weakest professional players were better than the strongest players before AI. The strongest players pushed beyond what had been thought possible.

⚖️ I always loved the pendulum idea. The world itself works like a pendulum. Push too much on one side and, inherently, the pendulum will end up swinging on the other side. Congratulations Agalia for your first 🥂 Where will the pendulum swing?

💻 I heard about USB Club recently and landed on this interview of Yatu by Kristoffer. What a refreshing and enchanting project!

And I think if we go further towards the convenience where there is no friction, then we don't make choices anymore.

📸 Arun points out the ‘stages of (in)competence’ and how our opinion changes as we improve in Does gear matter? It reminds me the early martial artists who wore whilte belts again.

Arun Venkatesan - New York City

📰 A quick dive into the media business [which circles back to Pitchfork earlier] and an interesting framing: Luxury Media.

This is what we call luxury media: a framework for the economic sustainability of internet-native media.

🎻 Inspiring.

In a nondescript warehouse in the heart of Los Angeles, a dwindling handful of devoted craftspeople maintain over 80,000 student musical instruments, the largest remaining workshop in America of its kind.