Assorted links from week3, 2024

I come across a lot of content during the week. I detailed some of my habits in how I read. I decided lately to bookmark the best pieces. So if you're curious or want to dig more, you can everything in this collection on Sublime.

✈️ Mat gives some backstory about her, Max and I and how our relationship with obects got impacted by our lifestyle during the past 15 years: 18 moves across 4 continents. Which also lead to Objet at the end.

🤤 Since helping people take back control over their desires is a central theme in my life, I found that discussion really interesting: architects of desire.

🧸 I’ve loved Lego my whole life. I played with my mum’s lego. Now, my young kids are playing with mine. “LEGO is the Apple of the toy industry”.

🫶 I discover Ester Perel through David Noël weekly recommendations — which I highly suggest by the way — and this discussion is a must-listen for everyone keen on learning more re: human relationships. A real gem.

🏠 Talking about human relationships, here’s a nice discussion as well digging into the: ‘how to live near your friends’ challenge.

Priya shares the playbooks that allowed her to build a coliving campus in Brooklyn of 36 residents that anchors a broader community of 400 hundred people.