Assorted links from week20, 2024

🇫🇷 if you’re in Paris -two interesting events are coming this week 👇

  • on wednesday evening at 48 Collagen Café is Fashion Conversations dinner -more info and RSVP here. ​The Fashion Conversations think tank was created in 2019 to foster authentic relations among fashion professionals who are pushing the boundaries for our industry. The community includes founders and leaders discussing new models and solution-driven technology building the future of fashion.

  • on sunday for a brunch with 2 very special people, Jenni and Patricia. The topic couldn’t be closer to my heart. I wish I could be there -more info and RSVP here. Patricia wrote about it here as well: a sense of place.

🪩 the question asked by Emily on GQ was utterly interesting: why members-only clubs are everywhere right now? I think that one below could sum up everything:

And will the prospective members find sex, connection, and community all under the guise of private networking?

Artwork courtesy of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

🛠 this opening sentence from Jon in ‘on building with friends’ resonated so much:

I want to build wilder and more beautiful things with my friends.

💰 David touched upon something so important in this one: we are all surrounded by immense wealth.

Getting new things feels exciting. Simply having the things you already have, even if those things are immensely valuable, doesn’t usually feel like anything. The relative view only allows new acquisitions to feel strongly rewarding for a brief time, before you fully assimilate your new identity as an iPad-haver or Blundstone-wearer.

Feeling the full wealth of what you’ve already got is possible only when you measure that wealth from zero. Then you can feel its absolute value, rather than its relative value.

📚 another must-read by Yancey -describing his latest experiment in publishing.

In my past experiences publishing, I sought public success assuming it would lead to feelings of private satisfaction. It’s only now, observing this expectation clearly for the first time, that I can see how misguided this was.

In this experiment I took the agency and time to define success. It wasn't an open-ended search for approval. The goal was to express an idea, its full context, and for them to be seen and understood. That has happened, adding up to maybe the most enjoyable publishing experience of my writing life to date. Those 250 collectors satisfied my entire Maslow’s hierarchy of writerly needs with their support.

📱 last but not least, Reggie at its best.